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Southwest Region

Austin/Central Texas

The Austin Chapter is home to almost 300 members. They have a vibrant LinkedIn group specific to their area. Sometime referred to as the Central Texas Chapter, the group staged a fundraiser prior to the Texas vs. Baylor football game to benefit the Traveller Safe Ride program.

Chapter President: Thomas L. Wilson ’05

Chapter Blog

LinkedIn Group





The Dallas Chapter has been a leader for many years. Great events in 2011 including a Summer Send-off, a Founder’s Day event, the annual Winetasting, this year featuring influential wine critic Robert Parker, and an Accepted Students Party. Dallas has always been a hub for loyal W&L graduates. Almost 400 alumni live in the area and have worked hard to create and maintain a healthy chapter.

Chapter President: Elizabeth L. Cates ’00





The Denver Chapter has over 200 members living throughout the state of Colorado, and includes the cities of Boulder and Colorado Springs as well as Denver. Events organized in 2010-2011 included a Founder’s Day event, Happy Hours, an Alumni Hike, a Beer Tasting, and of course, the annual Holiday Party.

Chapter President: Megan L. Wesley ’02

Chapter Blog





Houston Chapter boasts over 400 alumni! They staged eight events during the 2010-2011 school year, highlighted by a top shelf Campaign event with President Ruscio and the Board of Trustees. The annual Christmas holiday party is a chapter institution.

Chapter President: Bruce W. Sharpe ’03




Oklahoma City

Although small, the Oklahoma City Chapter maintains a strong calendar of events including Happy Hours and a Founder’s Day BBQ. The 75 chapter members often combine their efforts with the Tulsa Chapter to facilitate larger events.

Chapter President: William A. Towler ’01





The Phoenix Chapter is a reminder that our W&L community is far flung. Almost 100 alumni live in or near the city of Phoenix. Recent events organized by the chapter have included an Admissions Reception and Welcome Party, as well as a cocktail reception when President Ken Ruscio traveled to the region.

Chapter President: Tiffany F. Broberg ’02




San Antonio

The San Antonio Chapter has almost 150 alumni members living in or near the greater metro area. During the last year, the chapter has done a nice job executing events like a Founder’s Day party at Club Giraud, and a Summer Send-off gathering. Recently the group launched a chapter blog to promote events and communicate within the chapter.

Chapter President: Matthew C. Miles ’94

Chapter Blog





The Tuscon Chapter is tiny – only about 40 graduates of the university live in the area. However, the chapter did a great job coming together to organize a Founder’s Day event at the Tucson Country Club.

Chapter President: Jeffrey L. Willis ’75L





The Tulsa Chapter contains alumni living in multiple zip codes, in four different states: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri. Chapter members frequently work with the Oklahoma City Chapter when organizing events. Recently the groups worked together to hold a great Founder’s Day BBQ at the Exchange on Film Row.

Chapter President: Shane M. Saunders ’03




West Texas

The West Texas Chapter is for alumni living in or near the towns of Midland (home of Alumni Board President Jamie Small!), Odessa, Lubbock, Amarillo, and Abilene. This summer the chapter organized a Summer Send-off event at a West Texas Rockhounds minor league baseball game, with Vice President for University Dennis Cross as the special guest.

Chapter President: Kalin R. Harvard ’09

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