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Midwest Region

Chicago Chapter

The Chicago Chapter puts on excellent events and ranks near the top of their division within the MINK Conference. Most members of the group live within the city limits; it is the only chapter in Illinois. Events include a rooftop Founder’s Day Gala and a recent Summer Send-off at the Arlington Park Races Track. The chapter also has a very active LinkedIn page.

Chapter President: Susanna J. Craib-Cox ’96

LinkedIn Group




Charleston, West Virginia

The Charleston, W.V. Chapter is for alumni in the greater Charleston area and the surrounding counties. In 2010, the Chapter got together for “W&L Night in Charleston: Traveller Visits Alaska’s Inside Passage” featuring the Director of Special Programs for the school, Rob Fure. Since that time, the Charleston, W.V. Chapter has put together Summer Send-off events and a Founder’s Day event. There are over 100 alumni members.

Chapter President: Joel E. Symonds ’97, ’04L





The Detroit Chapter has about 100 members living in the greater metro area or surrounding towns and counties. In 2010 the chapter successfully organized a Founder’s Day event and Summer Send-off.

Chapter President: Michael J. Pattwell ’06L




Kansas City

The Kansas City Chapter has around 100 alumni living in or near the city. Our Kanas City group successfully orchestrated a Founder’s Day event as well as a Summer Party in 2010.

Chapter President: John P. Thomas ’00





The chapter has developed a good signature event, the Pig Roast, held this year in the North Mississippi State Park. W&L Professor Dennis M. Garvis (Business Administration) was in attendance. There are almost 100 alumni members in the Minnesota Chapter.

Chapter President: Isaiah L. Goodman ’09




Northeast Ohio

The Northeast Ohio Chapter is an active group with over 100 members. Most chapter members live near or in the city of Cleveland. Events over the last few years have included Summer Send-off, Happy Hours, Service events, and a tailgate event before a W&L vs. Case Western football game.

Chapter President: Dean C. Barry ’88




Southern Ohio

Our Southern Ohio chapter includes over 165 members from Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. The chapter is one of just a few that includes alumni living in more than one state. Events over the last year included the “Paint the Town” – volunteer service event, and the annual UVA/W&L picnic.

Chapter President: Marcus M. Pennell ’78
Chapter Blog




St. Louis

The St. Louis Chapter put together excellent events in 10-11. The group enjoyed great attendance for a tailgate party before the St. Louis Rams played the Washington Redskins. In addition, the chapter held a Founder’s Day event and Summer Send-off. Over 100 members make this group a fun opportunity to network and socialize.

Chapter President: Clifford K. Holekamp ’96 Facebook Page





After being dormant for some years, the Wisconsin Chapter has come to life in 2011. The 60-member group of alumni put together a Summer Send-off event at an Irish Pub in downtown Milwaukee. Most members lives and works in the greater Milwaukee area.

Chapter President: Lauren Edmonson ’07

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