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Hotchkiss Alumni House


Reserve the Hotchkiss House FormRevised and Effective as of August 1, 2009

The Hotchkiss Alumni House facility is available only to W&L students, faculty, staff and alumni and invited guests. For their meetings and functions which directly complement the University’s mission or goals, there is no rental charge. Examples would include a departmental reception, a student group meeting, or a W&L Alumni Affairs or alumni chapter event. Such groups may be asked to post a security deposit, which will be refunded after the event if the facility is left as it was found.

For other, primarily personal or social events to be sponsored by a member of the W&L community, such as a wedding reception, shower, or private party, the sponsoring student, faculty, staff or alumnus/alumnae may request rental of the facility. The modest fees are designed to help defray the costs of maintaining the facility and to account for wear and tear from events.

In all cases, use of the facility is governed by these regulations. The University reserves the right to deny any request deemed inappropriate for W&L or the facility.

If you have any questions, please raise them before written confirmation is received. Thank you for considering Hotchkiss House!


Revised and Effective as of August 1, 2009

1. The operation and the control of the Hotchkiss House is vested in the Executive Director of Alumni Affairs. That person or a designee will review any request for the facility, assign rental rates when applicable, provide electronic confirmation of the booking, and exercise controls in accordance with the policies and rates established by the University.

2. To request use of the first floor of the facility, you must submit the Reservation Request form. The request will be reviewed and you will be contacted. PLEASE NOTE: submitting the form does not book the facility. There is no booking until you receive an email from Alumni Affairs confirming the booking.

3. The furniture and other contents of the House may not be removed for any reason unless permission has been granted in advance and appropriate plans have been agreed upon for relocation and handling care. THE ANTIQUE CANDELABRA IN THE NORTH PARLOR ARE NOT TO BE USED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Special care must be taken with all contents, especially the tables with glass tops which are fragile and will chip or break easily. NO BURNING CANDLES OR OTHER OPEN FLAMES INSIDE THE HOUSE.


5. The maximum number of people permitted for any function inside the House is 100. Groups of more than 100 are permitted only between April 1 and October 31, and the outdoor patios must be used in order to augment the total space available and not exceed the 100 person inside limit. The maximum attendance inside and out shall not exceed 200. All groups using the facility must take every reasonable added precaution in the event of bad weather to protect the house and its furnishings.

5. PAYMENT, INCLUDING THE DAMAGE DEPOSIT, MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE BOOKING CAN BE CONFIRMED. Rental rates effective July 1, 2009 for approved individuals and groups are listed below. Note that there is a specified damage deposit, which must be paid paid by a separate check, which will be kept and returned only if the facility is left clean and otherwise in the same condition in which it was found).

$50 an hour plus a $50 damage deposit for small group social events or meetings of 50 persons or less

$75 an hour plus a $50 damage deposit for events of 51 to 100 persons.

$100 an hour plus a $100 damage deposit for events of more than 100 persons.

These rental rates and deposits may be adjusted in extraordinary circumstances in the sole discretion of the Executive Director of Alumni Affairs.

6. Rice, confetti, birdseed, and similar substances are strictly prohibited inside the House.

7. The offices of W&L Alumni Affairs are on the second floor of Hotchkiss House. Between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. loud noise and amplified music is prohibited.

8. All functions held at the Hotchkiss House fall under the jurisdiction of the W&L security staff. Excessively noisy functions or any other disruptive or inappropriate behavior will entitle W&L Security to issue one warning, and then to terminate the event if they deem it appropriate or necessary.

9. The individual signing the Reservation Request form and the sponsoring group will be held responsible for all matters related to the event. The person submitting that form must be present at the event. That individual is also responsible for leaving the premises in good, broom clean condition, and is expected to use the vacuum cleaner and other cleaning supplies located under the kitchen sink as needed. This rule will be strictly enforced. If the House is left unclean or out of order, or if anything is damaged, it will be cleaned, fixed, or replaced at the group’s expense and deducted from the damage deposit, subject to a minimum charge of $50.00. If the damage deposit is insufficient to cover the costs, the full charges will be assessed against the person submitting the form and the organization hosting the event.

10. The person submitting the form is solely responsible for hiring and paying any caterers and bartenders. Virginia ABC and other laws apply. Service of alcoholic beverages to anyone under 21 years old is strictly prohibited, and will result in permanent loss of right to use the facility.

11. If any caterer will be used, W&L Dining Services has the first right of refusal for any event at the Hotchkiss House. You must contact them at 540 458 8025 and offer them the opportunity to cater the event. Should W&L Catering decline or be unavailable, several alternatives are:

Chef’s Catering- (540) 462-7181

Southern Inn- (540) 463-3612

Full Circle Catering- (540) 463-1634

12. Service of alcohol is strictly regulated. If you wish to serve any alcoholic beverages at your function, a separate Event form must be filled out and submitted to Kelsey Goodwin in Elrod Commons. No alcohol will be permitted unless that form is approved in advance by W&L. If that approval is not obtained, the event cannot be held, and it can be cancelled immediately.

Officially recognized student organizations may request use of Hotchkiss House through their faculty/staff advisor, provided the advisor to the group will be present at all times. Depending on the size of the group, the advisor may be required to provide additional faculty/staff supervision.

No alcoholic beverages will be served to individuals under 21 years of age. Service of any alcoholic beverage to any person under 21 is a violation of University policy and Virginia law.

13. For evening and/or weekend use, please call W&L Public Safety at (540) 458-8999. A security officer will unlock the doors.

14. Use of the House is strictly limited to the FIRST FLOOR ONLY. Weather permitting, the patios and nearby grounds may be used for indoor-outdoor receptions.

15. The stereo system housed on the second floor cannot be used.

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