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Mid-South Region

Baton Rouge

The Baton Rouge Chapter is the most recent addition to our network of alumni chapters. Over 70 residents of the city and its surrounding areas are members. The chapter recently held a Summer Send-off event and hosted an exciting Launch Party in February of 2011.

Chapter President: William B. Mason ’90

Baton Rouge Chapter Summer Send-off Event











The Birmingham Chapter, although smaller in membership size, is one of our most active and loyal chapters. Over 300 alumni in the area, which includes Tuscaloosa, have organized reoccurring events like the Brown Bag luncheon, as well as signature gatherings for jazz concerts, tail gates, and annual Founder’s Day events. This year the chapter’s Founder’s Day event was held at the Matt Jones Gallery, and included special guest, W&L Associate Professor of History, Ted Delaney ’85.

Chapter President: Wyndall A. Ivey ’99L





The Bluegrass Chapter is made up of more than 125 alumni living in Lexington and Frankfort, Kentucky. Formerly known as the Eastern Kentucky Chapter, the Bluegrass group is active and always thinking about great ways to get alumni involved. The chapter organizes Founder’s Day events, tailgates, and get-togethers at the legendary Churchill Downs.

Chapter President: Kristen E. Craft ’94

Chapter Blog

Facebook Page




Central Mississippi

The Central Mississippi Chapter contains members who primarily reside in the Jackson metro area. Although small in size, the chapter continues to organize a great annual Founder’s Day event that routinely attracts most of its 75 or so members. Last year the event was held at the home of chapter president, Wesley Goings ’90, with special guest, Associate Director of Alumni Affairs Tom Lovell ’91.

Chapter President: Wesley Goings ’90





The Chattanooga (Tennessee) Chapter has about 75 alumni members, most of whom live in the greater metro area or surrounding towns. This year the chapter organized a great Summer Send-off event at the home of Carol and Sam Campbell IV ’81, parents of Sam V ’15. The chapter also staged a Founder’s Day Breakfast at the Mountain City Club, with Executive Director of Alumni Affairs Beau Dudley as the guest speaker.

Chapter President: Elizabeth B. Brown ’96





Louisville has a long and proud W&L tradition. The chapter has organized some fantastic events over the last twelve months. Along with a great Founder’s Day event, they teamed up with the Bluegrass Chapter for a tailgate event before a University of Kentucky vs. Louisville football game. There are over 160 members in the Louisville Chapter, one of our most vibrant groups.

Chapter President: Charles F. Sutterlin ’93

Chapter Blog

Facebook Page





The Mobile Chapter has about 100 alumni living in or near the city. Members of the chapter get together for a quarterly luncheon, as well as an annual Summer Party and Holiday Get-Together.

Chapter President: Jeremy B. Milling ’93





The Montgomery (Alabama) Chapter has around 75 alumni. Past events include a Summer Send-off at the Montgomery Country Club, as well as a Yield Party for accepted students living in the area.

Chapter President: Paul M. James ’86





The Nashville Chapter is one of our most vibrant. Over 325 members include four University trustees! They have a full calendar of events and networking opportunities. The chapter put together a great Founder’s Day event, Summer Send-off, and did a nice job coming together as a group during the flooding in 2010.

Chapter President: Will Howorth ’06









New Orleans

The New Orleans Chapter is active and fun. This year’s Summer Send-off event was held deep in the French Quarter; many of the 200 chapter members were able to attend. The city also hosted a 4-day Special Programs gathering for alumni from across the country in 2010.

Chapter President: Charles L. Van Horn ’81

New Orleans Chapter has great events in the French Quarter












Northern Louisiana

The Northern Louisiana Chapter has over 100 members and has recently reorganized after a few years without activity. A recent Summer Send-off event held at the Pierremont Oaks Tennis Club was well attended. Most of the members of the chapter live in or near the city of Shreveport, Louisiana.

Chapter President: Jerald L. Perlman ’69

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